Child Nutrition Program

Child Nutrition Program provides assessment and counseling for children above 6 months who have a wide variety of nutrition-related medical conditions that affect their diet, eating and growth. 


  • Package duration is 6 months
  • This package is not covered by insurance
  • Individual consultations are available upon request
  • Any investigations required will be charged based on actual.

Child Nutrition Program

Age Group

above 6 months

Gender Group

Male & Female


MVR 3300

Services / Conditions treated


    Anthropometric measurements
    Screening for food allergies
    Diet and physical activity counseling
    Customized dietary and physical therapy plans
    Blood invesigations for vitamins and macronutrient deficiency
    Blood investigations for endocrine and hormone problems
    Other investigations required for underlying medical conditions

Conditions treated

    Feeding difficulties in infants and
    Feeding disorders
    Underweight and failure to thrive
    Overweight and obesity
    Undernutrition and malnutrition
    Vitamin and micronutrient deficiency
    Conditions leading to poor digestion of food
    Conditions requiring dietary changes
    Children requiring special feeding methods

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