“Strength does not come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not. The Rehabilitative Services you go through today will determine what you can achieve tomorrow.”


Warm greetings to all our guests visiting Tree Top Hospital, Maldives. I welcome you to our Rehabilitative Services Department at Tree Top Hospital. This is another milestone in our continuous pursuit to achieve advancement in our rehabilitative services to our guests to provide excellence in healthcare by improving the health of the Maldivian society. 


The Rehabilitative Services Department in Tree Top Hospital is committed to delivering an unparalleled quality of care and service that is safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable and patient-centered to the Maldivian community. 


Our talented and experienced Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Audiology / Speech Therapists have been dedicated to providing compassionate care to the Maldivian community, ensuring that each of our guests has a positive rehabilitative experience. 


We promote optimal health outcomes for our guests through the advancement of knowledge, and practice and harnessing state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology to provide world-class physical rehabilitation through Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).


We have a multifactorial task force with a great passion for their profession. Our main focus is on maximizing each guest’s functional potential. This is based on the strong pillars of clinical knowledge, reasoning, expertise and experience. We provide a holistic but evidence-based approach involving the guests and the family in the clinical decision-making and care plan.


Over the years there has been a steep and significant increment in our capacity with additional facilities and specialty areas opening to provide rehabilitative services to a wide range of the population. We are moving with the nation’s health strategy to deliver the best possible and patient-centered care. 


We are equipped with the latest world-class Exercise Therapy technology, and Electrotherapy modalities to facilitate the utmost best care for our guests. The one clear goal of the department is to provide a world-class standard of practice within a dynamic environment that competes to improve itself each day. 


I wish all our guests a speedy recovery to the fullest functional abilities.


Ramesh Babu Manivannan

Chief Rehabilitative Therapist

Tree Top Hospital & TTH Clinic Male’