Tree Top Hospital introduced Breast Cancer Screening Program to commemorate World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This program will be lead by Dr. Neeza Haleem, Consultant General Surgeon and Dr. Nazahath Abbas, Consultant Radiologist.

This program offers:

  • Ultrasound Scan by Radiology Specialist
  • Consultation with Dr. Neeza Haleem, Consultant General Surgeon
  • Mammography (on referral)

October marks World Breast Cancer awareness month. The first signs of breast cancer can go unnoticed. Breast cancer is one of the most prominent types of cancer among Maldivian women. It is considered a significant precautionary measure that women over 20 years conduct regular clinical breast exam and women over 40 years are recommended to conduct a breast check-up, including a mammogram, every year.  At Tree Top Hospital, we promote the well-being of women by offering comprehensive breast health screening tests. Make an appointment today to book your breast ultrasounds and mammography (on referral) as well as specialist consultations. 

For registrations please contact 3351610