Tree Top Hospital is pleased to announce introduction of High-Volume Online Haemodiafiltration (HDF) for the first time in Maldives. Haemodiafiltration is an advanced treatment that combines the process of dialysis and filtration which utilizes a sophisticated system of double reverse osmosis technology for water purification.

HDF treatment is widely recognized as being most advanced and effective dialysis treatment. Patients who are treated with HDF has demonstrated better long-term survival and well-being when compared with conventional dialysis. The use of ultra-pure water lowers the chances of infection and low – grade inflammation allowing the guests to improve nutrition and helps to control blood pressure better.

Dialysis Unit consist of eight individual stations and two isolation rooms which are incorporated with the most modern equipment available and all the facilities necessary for the provision of the Dialysis Service. Patients will be provided with complimentary light snack as approved by our Dietitians. The Unit is also equipped with audiovisual entertainment facilities for the benefit of the patients and offers the capacity up 60 guests per week.

Tree Top Hospital’s team offers highly personalized treatment and care to all guests. Each HDF treatment session will be closely monitored by trained dialysis nurses and supervised by consultant Nephrologists. Individual response to the HDF treatment will also be monitored and reviewed every month. This service will receive Aasandha coverage.

Our goal is to ensure the best quality of life for each individual who requires healthcare in the Maldives.