Tree Top Hospital; an idea brought to life to provide the people and visitors of Maldives top standard healthcare.

Today 27 February 2018, we are pleased to announce the official opening of the Tree Top Hospital on   1 March 2018. The Hospital includes a variety of specialities in medical and surgical disciplines; a state of the art laboratory and radiology centre, dialysis centre, chemotherapy centre, intensive care, technically advanced operating theatres and a health screening centre committed to promote healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases.

With capacity of up to 210 beds, this six-storey Hospital has been an enormous undertaking for Tree Top Investments, and the Hospital’s Executive Team. “When developing a hospital anywhere in the world, the planning and strategic development required is significant”, said Grant R. Muddle, Chief Executive Officer of Tree Top Hospital. “The promoters and management set specific requirements and wanted to see this medical facility providing leading health services in the Maldives sooner, rather than later. Additionally, we need the support of Government when considering a development of this nature. We are proud to recognise the involvement of the Republic of Maldives Government; they have been supportive through conceptual development and planning”, he added.

In 1910, Dr. William J. Mayo told a group of graduating medical students “the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.” Based on those words we have built this hospital to be warm and welcoming – an oasis of healing that also has all of the latest equipment and technologies. Our aim is that the state-of-the-art Tree Top Hospital development will now set a new standard in healthcare. This facility is on par with some of the best hospitals around the globe. The people of the Maldives will now have a tertiary hospital with international and leading training facilities. The vision is to provide service excellence in healthcare, and this facility will change the way the people of the Maldives think about their healthcare,” said Muddle.

“It’s important to recognise and understand that Tree Top Investments, is a company that focuses its attentions to projects that contribute to the economic growth and development of the Maldives. We have continued to maintain the Tree Top branding, as the four leaves represents each of the four shareholders within Tree Top Investments. This is significant as this clearly represents community, quality, and further improvement within the Maldives”.

Turmaks, a Turkish company was contracted to design and build Tree Top Hospital. The company has over 20 years of experience in construction of infrastructure including hospitals.

“We are all proud to see a facility so technically advanced, commissioned, opening and improving people’s lives. The investment of more than USD 110 million will see the community benefit with new health services continually introduced. This facility has all the services in place including experienced and reputable specialists providing treatment solutions and positive health outcomes for the people of the Maldives”, he added.

Muddle is very excited to receive the hospital’s first patient when it opens its doors on 1 March 2018. “I look forward to greeting our first guest. The opportunity is now for myself and the team at Tree Top Hospital to deliver Excellence in Healthcare for all the Maldives and its visitors” commented Grant R. Muddle.