Tree Top Hospital has successfully completed the first Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery under the MOU signed with Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital and Aasandha Company Ltd on July 7th ,2019. The procedure was led by Dr. David Montenegro, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Hussain Faisal Orthopaedic Surgeon, and Dr. Amr Safwat, Consultant Anaesthetist, assisted by skilled technical team of clinical staff. The TKR project is an initiative of the Government under which IGMH has contracted the services of Tree Top Hospital to facilitate convenient quality health services within Maldives. Tree Top Hospital is one of the leading tertiary healthcare provider in the Maldives delivering international healthcare standards and high quality outcomes to all patients. The tri-party MOU was signed on 27th June 2019 to provide assistance in providing the treatment to the beneficiaries (patients) in the waiting list of IGMH requiring Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. Tree Top Hospital provided a package of MVR 65,000 covering all costs for normal TKR cases without complication. Aasandha will fully cover the package cost under the National Insurance Scheme. Tree Top Hospital is fully committed to provide advancements in the healthcare industry in the Maldives and is appreciative for the continued support of the Government of the Maldives, Aasandha Company Ltd and IGMH in this present initiative. For more information, please call 3351610 or email   Press Release TTH-BDM-PR-2019-007 (Dhiv) Press Release TTH-BDM-PR-2019-007 (Eng)