Tree Top Hospital concluded their first year anniversary celebration with a Beach Clean-up event in Hulhumale'. The event commenced at 6:30 am with a talk by Hassan Ahmed (Beybe) founder of Save the Beach Maldives, regarding the problem of waste management and solutions. The clean-up event took place in Hulhumale’ on 29th March, Friday morning, where over 100 employees of the hospital participated in the clean-up and collected 105 bags of trash, with 54 bags of plastic handed over to Parley Maldives for recycling purposes.

The coordinator of the event from the hospital noted that “the main purpose of the clean-up event is to create awareness among our staff on waste and environment issues caused due to pollution and also to promote ways to reduce their individual carbon footprint and encourage the practice of recycling among them.” Tree Top Hospital concluded the event by distributing reusable tote bags to encourage employees to reduce their use of single-use plastic bags.