Every child needs a regular growth and development screening to ensure they lead a healthy life. Regardless of the age, infants, children and adolescents should have a regular checkup once a year in order to detect any unhealthy developments.

Therefore, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary Tree Top Hospital has introduced the Well Child Package to make sure that the screening programs are easily accessible for parents and caregivers.

Tree Top Hospital has curated this package to provide parents and caregivers with a holistic assessment of their child’s health and wellbeing. Additionally, by taking the right steps with expert advice from our Pediatricians, parents and caregivers can ensure that each development milestone is achieved and celebrated throughout the family.

Moreover, this package empowers parents by identifying any development issues as early as possible as this includes all the necessary investigations and procedures with reliable information. Some examples of the investigation and procedures include, nutritional assessment, Iron and Ferritin checkup, Full blood count, liver and renal function test and many more.

Tree Top Hospital currently has three packages for children with different age bands. This includes;

-        Well Child Package (below 6 years old)

-        Well child Package (6 to 12 years old)

-        Well Child Package (13 to 18 years old)

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