Tree Top Hospital introduces Diabetes Screening Package. Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces.

Diabetes treatment from the start can protect against or slow the progression of health problems affecting the eyes, kidneys, heart, and feet. It is important to screen for diabetes; as early screening will allow for early treatment; prevention is better than cure.

The condition may not present any obvious symptoms which does not rule out the possibility of having the condition. Diabetes is a highly prevalent disease in the Maldives and screening for diabetes is essential for high risk groups.

Additionally, the package is also recommended for high-risk groups, to encourage prevention of diabetes and ensure that treatment is started at the earliest stage. High-risk group includes:

·         People with a family history of diabetes

·         People over the age of 35

·         People with a history of latent diabetes indicators

·         People with high blood pressure

·         People with high cholesterol

·         People who had a history of diabetes during pregnancy

·         People who have given birth to an infant weighing more than 4kg

·         People who enjoy sweet food, food high in carbohydrates, and carbonated beverages/ generally dislike exercise

TTH Diabetes Screening Package is curated for those who have not yet been diagnosed and would like to identify whether they have the condition and if they are already aware that they have diabetes to check on the severity of the condition. The package consists of two options, Basic and Comprehensive and guests can choose whichever they wish to proceed with.

The Basic package consists of the following services, consultation with a physician, dietician and the following investigations will be conducted

  1. -       Full blood count
  2. -       Fasting blood sugar
  3. -       2 hours’ post-prandial blood sugar
  4. -       HbA1c
  5. -       Lipid profile
  6. -       Liver profile
  7. -       Renal profile
  8. -       Thyroid stimulating hormone
  9. -       ECG

The comprehensive package will include all of the aforementioned services and additionally will include consultation with Ophthalmologist and Radiology Services Ultrasound abdomen-pelvis and Echocardiography 

Established in 2018, Tree Top Hospital provides excellence in healthcare by offering a wide spectrum of specialized health and medical services, ranging from health screening centers leading to high-end medical and surgical services, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

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