Tree Top Hospital resumes Cardiology services from 19th August 2019, after a short intermission period. Appointments will be available henceforth for two new cardiologists, Dr. Dhinesh Murugadhaas and Dr. Abdul Azeez Ahmed at Tree Top Hospital. Cardiology Department will be treating conditions such as Angina (Chest Pains), Palpitations, Rhythm Disturbance, Cardiomyopathies, Diseases of the Arteries, Vascular Heart Diseases, Congenital Heart Disease and many other related conditions. Appointments for Cardiology Department will be available from morning 09:00 AM until evening 06:00 PM. Bookings can be made through Contact Centre 3351610, Tree Top Hospital Front Desk Reception or Online Guest Portal   For more information, please call 3351610 or email   TTHBDMPR2019011(Dhiv) TTHBDMPR2019011(Eng)