Tree Top Hospital safely performs a complex Hemorrhoidectomy surgery.

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) has successfully completed numerous Hemorrhoidectomy surgeries. Therefore, Tree Top Hospital would like to share the experience of one of the patients who has undergone this surgery recently.

Hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure where the doctors will remove the internal or external hemorrhoids or swollen veins.

Before doing the surgery at Tree Top Hospital Mr. Ishaq was suffering from debilitating hemorrhoid-related pain and discomfort. After consulting with one of the most experienced team of doctors at Tree Top Hospital, Mr. Ishaq decided to undergo a Hemorrhoidectomy surgery, which has given him a relief and improved the overall quality of life.

“I believe that Tree Top Hospital is occupied with talented surgeons and with the most caring nursing staff, who provided me with such a great care that I will never forget their kindness. I highly appreciate it and thank them for their expertise, I am now free from the discomforting pain that has been affecting my daily life. Tree Top Hospital made a truly positive impact on my well-being.”

Tree Top Hospital is highly committed to deliver the best care for all the patients and to help them achieve relief and comfort with the highest standard of clinical care. The highly experienced doctors combine a wide variety of interests and expertise with the latest technological advancements to offer latest medical services to bring successful outcomes.

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