Tree Top Hospital successfully performs the delivery of extreme preterm baby.

 This is the first extreme preterm baby born with extremely low birth weight of 885 grams at only 26 weeks of gestation who has successfully treated at Tree Top Hospital and was discharged home at the age of 2 months.

Tree Top Hospital has cared for many other premature babies, however, this was the first baby born with such enormous risks for his survival and with complications.

The professional care provided together with the whole team of Neonatology and Pediatrics and NICU nurses and the love and care of his parents, a great outcome was achieved without any major complications.

Baby’s parents have shared “I’m extremely happy with how the whole procedure went. The Care team of TTH made sure that everything goes smoothly for us. It was a very smooth journey”

The attending doctor, Senior Consultant Neonatologist Dr. Ingrid stated, “This baby is an extremely low birth weight baby (birth weight < 1000 g), has been discharged from TTH in the age of 2 months. The beginning of his life route started early, at ongoing 26 week of gestation, a situation where the risks are enormous, outcome unpredictable.

We are very proud of this baby who went through all the challenges together with the NICU team without any major complication, no neurosensory impairment or signs of physical abnormalities which is a huge achievement for the whole health care team in TTH as well as for the Maldives”.

Preterm labor, also known as premature labor, is when a pregnant woman begins to experience contractions and cervical changes before the 37th week of pregnancy. Preterm labor can lead to the birth of a premature baby, which can have serious health consequences for the newborn.

Preterm labor can occur for many reasons, including infections, pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease, multiple pregnancies, or abnormalities with the cervix or uterus. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drug use, and poor nutrition can also increase the risk of preterm labor.

Tree Top Hospital’s Paediatrics and Neonatology Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical care and attention to children in a homely atmosphere. The department provides fully equipped neonatal unit (NICU) with ventilators, incubators, warmers, infusion pumps and other equipment capable of offering full support including ventilation particularly for babies born preterm or babies who had problems of birth asphyxia and babies with congenital malformations.

Our experienced and highly trained paediatrician and neonatologists combine a wide variety of interests and expertise to address the health concerns of new-born’s, pre term babies and children of different ages.

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