Tree Top Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department is proud to have successfully performed its first complicated Cataract Surgery on July 14, 2020. This procedure was performed to remove a left eye cataract on a 66-year-old guest. A cataract is a cloudy abnormality in the lens of the eye, that may result in blurry, hazy, and less colourful vision. This condition commonly occurs due to old age and may be influenced by eye injuries or glaucoma. A surgical team led by Ophthalmology Consultant, Dr. Aditya Rege, and assisted by a skilled clinical team of anesthesiologists and OT nurses, performed the eye procedure to remove the cataract with SOS 10l implantation. “Patient had an injury to the left eye 2 months ago and attended Ophthalmology OPD. After required investigations and further examinations, he was admitted for left eye cataract extraction surgery. Patient’s vision has improved significantly after surgery.” stated Tree Top Hospital’s Ophthalmology Consultant, Dr. Aditya Rege. In addition to Surgical management of complicated cataract cases, Dr. Rege is also specialized in Pterygium Surgery, Phacoemulsification, Chalazion Surgery, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening, and Medical Glaucoma Management Tree Top Hospital’s Ophthalmology Department is compromises of experienced and highly trained consultants who employ the latest technology and techniques for the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of eye-related issues in adults and children. For appointment booking and more information regarding Ophthalmology and related services, please contact 3351610 or email