Tree Top Hospital (TTH) launches Platelet-rich plasma treatments

Tree Top Hospital (TTH) introduces platelet-rich plasma treatments for certain orthopaedic conditions at a press conference held today.

The event included opening remarks by Dr. Mladen Knotek, Director of Medical Services who shared an introduction of platelet-rich plasma treatment and strategic direction of the hospital. Additionally, Dr. Kanniraj Marimuthu, Consultant Orthopaedics demonstrated platelet-rich plasma procedure live.

“We are pleased to introduce this new service at Tree Top Hospital and we look forward to expanding our clinical services.” Dr. Mladen Knotek highlighted.

“Tree Top Hospital is introducing platelet-rich plasma treatment using evidence backed medicine and this treatment can help patients. However, it is important to know platelet-rich plasma is not a cure for all. Platelet-rich plasma can help in specific conditions like knee arthritis early stages, Sports injuries like Hamstring tear, Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), Ankle & heel pain – Achilles tendinopathy / Plantar fasciitis etc.” noted Dr. Kanniraj Marimuthu, Consultant Orthopaedics

TTH aims to create a positive experience with care and clarity for guest and family It is important to us that we offer our guest and family every convenience and ease in availing our service. 

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