Dr. Mahmoud Abbas

Internal Medicine

Dr. Mahmoud Abbas Specializes in Internal Medicine. He earned his Masters of Science in Internal medicine after obtaining Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Al-Azhar University Faculty of Medicine, Egypt. Dr. Mahmoud is experienced and skilled in diagnosing a wide range of Internal medicine and Hematology conditions including thrombosis diagnosis, Hemophilia, Febrile neutropenia, Haemoglobinopathies, G6PD Deficiency, Spherocytosis, Sickle cell disease, thalassemia, hemolytic anemia, Hematological malignancy diagnosis of leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

Special Clinical Interests
  • Hematology
Languages Spoken
  • Arabic
  • English

Professional Experience
  • Internal Medicine Senior Physician, Mubarak Hospital, Kuwait
  • Specialist of Internal Medicine, Ministry of Military Production Hospital, Eqypt
  • Residency Program on Internal Medicine, El Huseen University Hospital, Egypt
Education and Training
  • Masters of Science in Internal Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Egypt
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Not Available
Research and Publications
  • 1 publication on Internal Medicine
  • 1 publication on Clinical Hematology

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