Department of Audiology 

Tree Top Hospital is committed to providing personalized hearing healthcare solutions with integrity and innovative hearing solutions. Our expert Audiologists work with guests and their families to diagnose hearing loss and provide the following Audiological Services via state-of-the-art technology and machinery.

  • Pure-tone Audiometry is the main hearing test used to identify the hearing threshold levels of an individual. It determines the degree, type and configuration of a hearing loss and thus provides a basis for diagnosis and management
  • Impedance Audiometry is an objective assessment method to measure the pressure in the middle ear, stapedius reflexes, and the tension of the tympanic membrane. It is one of the most common and most accurate methods for testing the middle ear
  • The OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions) test checks part of the inner ear’s response to sound. The test is mostly done on infants and children who may not be able to respond to behavioral hearing tests because of their age
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) is an effective method of evaluating the auditory pathway from the peripheral end-organ through the brain stem. BERA is a useful objective assessment of hearing and has the ability to test even infants in whom conventional testing methods may not be useful. This investigation can be useful in screening for deafness in high risk infants.
  • A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. Our expert Audiologists conduct Audiometric evaluations, trial and fitting of high-quality hearing aids. Hearing aid services include counselling guests on the utilization, custom mold designs, and choosing the right fit amongst the best hearing aid technology in the world.

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