Tree Top Hospital’s Neuro Surgery team successfully performed its’ Frontal Craniotomy and removal of lesion on 2nd September 2019. The surgery was performed on a 57 year old patient suffering from a brain tumour.

Craniotomy is a brain surgery, where surgeons remove a lesion in the brain through an opening in the skull. The surgical team was led by Dr. Juan Lourido, Consultant Neurosurgeon and principal Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr. Amr Safwat, and supported by Dr. Bishnu Kesavan, Consultant Anaesthetist and Dr. Bosco Lawrence, Medical Officer. The surgery was also assisted by a skilled team of Operations Theatre Nurses.

Dr. Juan Lourido is a Neurosurgeon with extensive experience in diagnosing a wide range of neurological conditions and performing surgery with minimally invasive techniques. He has served as Head of Neurosurgery at Hospitales San Roque, Spain and as Director at ICN-Instituto Canario de Neurocirugia, Canary Islands. Dr. Juan has to his credit several visiting fellowships; Microsurgery in Zurich, Neuro-Intensive care in Lund University, Neuro-Oncology at Harvard University and Melbourne, and Vascular in Dallas.

‘We are happy to report that the procedure went well’, stated Dr. Juan. ‘This surgery will relieve the pain and assist to determine next course of treatment’.

Our Neurology and Neurosurgery department is led by highly qualified and well trained specialists with expertise in all areas of neurosurgery. Tree Top Hospital utilizes the latest techniques and technology to improve service and care for individuals of all ages. Tree Top Hospital is a consultant-led specialty hospital committed towards providing quality services at competitive rates and strives to deliver excellence in healthcare in the Maldives.


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