Healthy Lung Package

Healthy Lung Package

With pollution levels increasing globally, as well as more and more individuals consuming nicotine and its related products. It is important to ensure that our lungs are functioning as they should. Our healthy lung package ensures that all the necessary tests and investigations are conducted to ensure that you know for sure about the health of your lungs.

After all tests are completed, your reports are reviewed by a Consultant Pulmonologist who will provide you with a reliable and compassionate care plan to ensure your lungs stay healthy.

Who is this package for?

This package is for those who have respiratory conditions, or at risk of contracting one, and would like a comprehensive review of the health of their lungs. In addition, our Healthy Lung package is extremely valuable for those who desire a holistic checkup on their lung.

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Healthy Lung Package

Age Group


Gender Group

Male & Female


MVR MVR 2,250.00

Package contents include:

  • Initial consultation with a Medical Officer
  • Chest X-ray - Pa view
  • PFT (Spirometry)
  • Full blood count
  • CRP
  • Serum Ige
  • Serum VH-D Level
  • Feno
  • Report review with a Pulmonologist